New mobile health apps and web-based products are being launched every day. But most of these go
virtually unused and many don’t change consumer behaviors. Because of this, developers and technology
companies often have difficulty monetizing their products. Accountable Health has helped develop an
award-winning mobile app and population health management web-based systems with demonstrable,
published improvements in health outcomes. We understand the healthcare system and we know what
consumers and providers are looking for. What’s more, we have the information and resources you need
to connect with healthcare leaders across the country.


Here are just some of the questions Accountable Health can help you answer:


  • Will your mobile app or web-based product change behavior and create better outcomes?
  • What is the best strategy for marketing and making money from your product?
  • Should you integrate your product into a more comprehensive population health management program?
  • Who are the right people in the industry to work with?
  • What is your product’s unique point of difference?
  • Who are your primary competitors and where are they in their development?

New technologies are being launched at an amazing rate. And the opportunities in healthcare are endless. Let Accountable Health show you how to cash in on the movement.”

Cutting-edge technology is promising to take healthcare to a better place. But everyone needs a guide to
get there. Whether you are developing population health management and patient engagement systems for
providers, or state-of-the-art mobile applications for consumers—don’t wait another minute. Talk to Fred
Goldstein today.