Accountable Health for Payors

A healthier approach for everyone.

Whether you’re a plan administrator, insurance carrier, insurance broker or other healthcare professional, Fred has ideas and insights that will work for you. He takes the time to learn about your individual needs, then develops a customized plan that will increase your efficiency, improve your offerings and your boost your bottom line.







Here are just a few of the key insights you’ll uncover with Accountable Health:


  • How to develop a comprehensive population health management program that drives engagement
  • How to create reports that are insightful and useful for your staff and client
  • How to price your services correctly
  • How to integrate the emerging technologies, behavioral economics and game theory into your programs


As the founder and president of Accountable Health, it’s Fred’s mission to get you out of “crisis healthcare” mode and transition you in to a much more profitable system of “accountable health.”

“Don’t let the Affordable Care Act turn your world upside down. Be prepared for the changes that are coming your way with help from Accountable Health.”