Accountable Health for Providers

A strategy you’ll feel good about.

The changes in today’s healthcare system are significant, and they affect everyone at all levels—from patients and providers, to communities and insurance companies, to device manufacturers and drug companies. Whether you’re developing an ACO, PCMH, IDN, taking risk, looking to improve outcomes or implement population health management, the changes you are and will experience during the next few years are significant. As the founder and president of Accountable Health, Fred is dedicated to helping you get out of “crisis health care” mode and discover a more profitable and efficient system of “accountable health.”





Here’s just some of the information Accountable Health can share with you:


  • How to really identify the low hanging fruit, to get early success while developing expertise to tackle larger issues
  • How to implement population health management programs to improve outcomes and control costs
  • Tools and techniques to engage your patients, improve adherence, outcomes and satisfaction
  • Develop meaningful reports for your providers and administrators to know what’s working and where you need to place your focus

“You’re so busy taking care of everyone. It’s time you had an expert looking out for your best interests.”